NATE LAWSON Nate   is   a   major   sponsor   of   CRX   for   the   third   ear   in   a   row!      He   will   be making   another   great   presentation   this   year   that   you   won’t   want   to   miss! Please tell Nate thanks for his generous donation for CRX 2019!
Portland Commodore User Group  The PDX group is located in Portland, OR and make the trek to attend events all over the country.  They are a promoter and supporter of CRX. SPONSORS
Commodore Retro eXpo

Special thanks goes to our event sponsors and supporters...


August 23-25, 2019 - Las Vegas, NV

Jim Drew / CBMSTUFF.COM  Jim is the creator, organizer, promoter, and a sponsor of CRX.  He will also be a guest speaker at the event. Sajtron  Las Vegas DJ Sajtron is back! He will be sponsoring CRX with lighting and sound, as well as helping with promotions with custom retro video content. Click here for more information.