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Commodore Retro eXpo

The Average User

If you plan to setup a single system and need some extra space or two systems with limited space, this is the option for you. Price: AVAILABLE ONLY AT EVENT

The Hacker

If you have a few systems, and need plenty of space for laying out your warez, this is the option for you. Price: SOLD OUT     

The Exhibitor

If you plan on selling tons of stuff and need the space to show all of your products, this is the option for you. Price: SOLD OUT  
The   room   will   have   30   tables   (8’   in length)   available.      Tables   are   first come,    first    served    -    so    reserve your table space now! LIMITED    TABLES    AVAILABLE    ONLY AT    THE    EVENT!        CONTACT    US    IF YOU     NEED     A     TABLE     RESERVED BEFORE THE EVENT! We   are   working   on   the   room   layout plan.        People    who    reserve    their tables    in    advance    will    have    their choice   of   table   location   based   on their    position    in    the    reservation list. Every    8’    table    will    come    covered with   a   black   table   cloth.      We   would appreciate    if    you    kept    this    table cloth   on   the   table.      We   want   CRX   to be   a   top   notch   and   classy   event, much   like   a   traditional   trade   show   - without     the     “swap     meet”     feel. Thanks!
Registration - Reserving Tables

August 24-26, 2018 - Las Vegas, NV