August 24-26, 2018 - Las Vegas, NV

Things    are    on    schedule    for    2nd    annual    CRX event!        We    have    booked    the    Plaza    Hotel    & Casino.  Over 5400 sq. ft. of space!
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Presenters and Special Guests at CRX
Commodore Retro eXpo
Jim Drew - Ex-CBM employee and long time CBM developer Presentation   on   the   CBMSTUFF   and   FPGA   Arcade   Replay   products,   as   well   as   several   new products for the PET computer series. Stefany Allaire - FPGA/Hardware Engineer & Creator of the C256 Foenix Ever   wished   that   Commodore   continued   with   the   original   8   bit   architecture?      Stefany   did, and   she   is   doing   something   about   it!      The   C256   Foenix   is   a   new   computer   being   developed that   follows   the   path   that   many   thought   Commodore   should   have   taken,   with   a   16   bit   (6502 compatible)   CPU,   upgraded   graphics,   sound,   and   peripherals.      Stefany   plans   to   debut   the first   working   prototype   at   CRX!      Come   witness   for   yourself   some   real   “modern   retro”!     Presentations    are    scheduled    for    Friday    evening,    and    Saturday    &    Sunday    afternoons.      Developers   are   encouraged   to   attend   and   get   behind   this   project!      Check   out   more   about   the C256 Foenix project here: Nate Lawson - Creator of the ZoomFloppy Update    to    last    year’s    presentation    on    archiving    Software    Support    International    (SSI) material.  Info on the history of the ZoomFloppy. Dimitris Giannakis - Software developer/YouTuber He’s   back!      Dimitris   is   responsible   for   game   ports   to   the   Amiga   including   Rise   of   the   Triad, Strife,   Duke   3D   and   more!      Big   influencer   in   the   Amiga   Community.      In   just   a   year   Dimitris’ YouTube   channel   has   gone   from   5,000   subscribers   to   over   74,000   subscribers!      Check   out   his YouTube channel here: AJ Palmgren - Mighty Frame Expert, Knight Rider Car owner, and more! Presentation   on   DAT   tape   backup   data   restoration   for   some   very   special   tape   backups!      AJ has   been   a   regular   at   past   Commodore   events,   looking   for   some   help   on   conquering   his   quest - and he has done it!  This is a really historic presentation that you won’t want to miss! Jim Brain - Long time Developer of Commodore Products If   you   haven’t   heard   his   name   before   then   you   probably   are   very   new   to   retro-computing!     Jim   is   the   owner   of ,   which   offers   a   lot   of   great   products   for   the   Commodore line,   including   JiffyDOS.      He   will   be   making   a   presentation   on   the   new   products   he   is working on, and will have his products for sale at the event! Jim Happel - VR64 and cOS creator Never   thought   that   VR   was   possible   on   a   retro   computer?      Think   again!      Jim   Happel   will   be demoing    his    VR64    system    that    brings    true    virtrual    reality    to    your    C64!        Jim    has    also developed an OS simualator that gives your C64/128 an iOS look and feel! Agent Friday (and his partner in crime) - Super-fast User Port Interface Steve   will   be   introducing   his   latest   retro   creation,   which   is   a   USB   based   USER   PORT   device that   adds   a   bunch   of   interface   possibilites   for   the   C64/128.      Steve   will   also   be   talking   about his software projects, including EasyDisk.
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