August 23-25, 2019 - Las Vegas, NV

Things    are    on    schedule    for    2nd    annual    CRX event!        We    have    booked    the    Plaza    Hotel    & Casino.  Over 5400 sq. ft. of space!
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Presenters and Special Guests at CRX
Commodore Retro eXpo
Jim Drew - Ex-CBM employee and long time CBM developer Presentation   on   the   new   CBMSTUFF.COM    emulation   products   and   the   emulation   products   he created for Utiltites Unlimited, such as EMPLANT, PCx, and FUSION. Mike Johnson - FPGA/Hardware Engineer & Creator of the FPGA Arcade Replay 1 & 2 Mike    is    coming    all    of    the    way    from    Sweden    to    do    a    presentation    on    this    extensive background on reverse-engineering custom chips and developing FPGA based replicas. See Mike’s website for the latest details on his products: Nate Lawson - Creator of the ZoomFloppy Stay tuned for info! Dimitris Giannakis - Software developer/YouTuber We   are   hoping   to   get   Dimitris   back!      Dimitris   is   responsible   for   game   ports   to   the   Amiga including    Rise    of    the    Triad,    Strife,    Duke    3D    and    more!        Big    influencer    in    the   Amiga Community.        From    CRX    2017    to    CRX    2018    Dimitris’    YouTube    channel    went    from    5,000 subscribers   to   over   74,000   subscribers.      He’s   now   at   over   157,000   subscribers   and   climbing!     Check out his YouTube channel here: AJ Palmgren - Mighty Frame Expert, Knight Rider Car owner, and more! AJ   had   to   cancel   last   year   just   prior   to   CRX   2018.      But   he   is   going   to   make   it   this   year   and   do a    great    presentation    on    DAT    tape    backup    data    restoration    for    some    very    special    tape backups!      AJ   has   been   a   regular   at   past   Commodore   events,   looking   for   some   help   on conquering   his   quest   -   and   he   has   done   it!      This   is   a   really   historic   presentation   that   you won’t want to miss!
CRX 2018 Promotional Video by Sajtron